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I am not much of a writer, but I have written some things over the years that I figured I would put up on the web for anyone who might be interested. Most of the things I have written are on my desktop back in California, but I will put what I can on right now.

Work Reports

Spatial Indexing Structures - I wrote this report during my third work term at Alcatel. In it, I examine the problem of spatial indexing, and evaluate three possible data structures to solve the problem.

Transitioning a Startup - I wrote this report during my first work term at It discusses some of the key points to consider when trying to change a successful startup into a successful company.

Other Publications

Phuket Guide - I wrote this guide during my last couple of weeks in Thailand. If I had to write it again, I would change some things, but I decided to publish it here just as I origionally wrote it. Thanks to Mac Bakewell from Inside Thailand for fixing up my Thai, and publishing it on the Inside Thailand website.

RX7 Specs - This is the ad that I created when I sold my 1986 Mazda RX7 at the end of my work term in Mountain View, California.

Imprint Letter - In March 2000, I went to a Moist concert at the University of Waterloo. Unfortunately, the Imprint reporter and I did not see eye-to-eye so I wrote this letter in response.

Nothing can be done - A little note I sent to the University administration in my second last term to express my concern about how the university was being managed.

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