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Flegg Family Photo Gallery - Last additions

 Flegg Family Photo Gallery

Last additions
Michael takes a picture63 viewsMichael (the other student on the boat) prepares to take a picture.Jul 20, 2008
Moon over Spencer Spit73 viewsShot of several other boats anchored at Spencer Spit as the full moon rises after sunsetJul 20, 2008
Spencer Spit at Sunset58 viewsWe anchored just in time to watch the sun set over Lopez Island from Spencer SpitJul 20, 2008
Navigator Brett64 viewsThe next day we sailed from Stuart Island to Spencer Spit on Lopez Island. Brett is seen here at sunset planning the next day’s trip.Jul 20, 2008
Brett on Turn Point 252 viewsLast shot of Brett on Turn Point before everyone packed up and hiked back to the boatJul 20, 2008
Brett’s Leg65 viewsBrett slipped and fell on the last part of the trail to Turn Point and cut up his leg (nothing that a bit of first aid back at the boat couldn’t fix)Jul 20, 2008
Bryce on the Edge52 viewsBryce sits and watches the sunset on the edge of Turn PointJul 20, 2008
Turn Point after Sunset47 viewsPicture of trees on Turn Point just after sunsetJul 20, 2008
Brett at Sunset53 viewsBrett sits and enjoys the sunset from Turn PointJul 20, 2008
Turn Point55 viewsAnother shot of Turn Point at sunsetJul 20, 2008
Gulf Islands after sunset96 viewsA shot of the Gulf Islands from Turn Point just after sunsetJul 20, 2008
Gulf Islands at sunset58 viewsTurn Point on Stuart Island is the western most point in the San Juan Islands. Here is a shot of the Canadian Gulf islands as seen from Stuart at sunset.Jul 20, 2008
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